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Bag Chess

Box contents

Plastic Carrying Bag

Chess Pawns

How to play

Game Rules

In the game of chess, each piece has its own moves. The queen and the king are the strongest pieces. The aim is to protect the king and checkmate the opponent’s king. For this, the players have to move by thinking about the opponent’s next move. There are white and black colored stones in chess, which has a history of 15 centuries. Today, some changes have been made in the rules of chess. While it was obligatory to warn the opposing player by saying “King” in the past, there is no such obligation today. The player must realize that his king is in danger and must protect him with the moves he will make. The chess game continues until a player’s king is taken. Another new rule for chess is 50 moves. If no king is taken for 50 moves, the game ends in a draw. The purpose of this rule is to save chess from a vicious circle. In chess, a tie is awarded a Pata.

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